FT8--BoxWith a FT8--Box FT8-signals can be coded and decoded without much effort. (FT4 and other formats are also possible)

On these pages you will find a description of the FT8--Box Kit and an introduction how to the use of the FT8--Box, especially how to successfully use the WSJT-X program to achieve successful connections with FT8 even under SOTA conditions.


The FT8--Box contains a Raspi 3B, with Rasbian as operating system. (A Linux descendant). On Rasbian runs WSJT-X, the actual FT8 program. Since the FT8 protocol is synchronized with UTC, the FT8--Box gets the exact time either from the Internet, when the Ethernet interface is connected to the Internet, form a GPS receiver or from the smartphone/iPhone, which also acts as a screen. The FT8 program is operated from there.

The FT8--Box sets up its own WiFi ("FT8--Box") as an access point, via which the display device (Android/iPhone) connects to the FT8--Box. There is also a way to connect the box to a hotspot of the smartphone.
If the FT8--Box is connected to the Internet via an Ethernet interface, the box can also be used for other purposes: It can then serve as an access point for a domestic guest WiFi.



The following steps are necessary to operate the FT8-box.

These steps are described in detail in the manual.

OM's who don't like to by a kit, can download a full functional image (5GB) and an installation manual

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